Trombone Rent to Own (Trombone Rental per Month: Student Model)

<p>This Trombone is an excellent choice for beginners, offering a medium bore that provides versatility with minimal resistance. The instrument's 8" bell contributes to great sound projection, making it suitable for players new to the trombone.</p>
<p>This Bb Trombone is supplied with a mouthpiece and lightweight case. The case is well designed and attractively styled with eye catching colors and a reflective safety strap and ergonomic carry handle. The case also includes a small external storage pocket enabling players to store small accessories and sheet music with their instrument.</p>
<p>Covered by a 2 year warranty.</p>
<p>New Student Model Instrument:<br />Brand New from the Manufacturer<br />Rent to Own at 0% Interest<br />No Obligation to Purchase<br />$540 in Total Payments if Paid in Full</p>
<p><br />$30.00 per Month/ 18 Months</p>
<p>Local Service<br />Convenient Repair and Maintenance<br />Rental Payments Applied Toward Purchase<br />No Credit Check</p>
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<p><br />*terms and conditions apply, contact store for more details*<br />Rentals are only for residents of Indiana</p>
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This item is not sold online! To purchase please call 765-457-8821.