Tenor Saxophone Rent to Own (Tenor Saxophone Per Month: Student Model)

<p>Tailored for students seeking an introductory saxophone, this Bb Tenor Saxophone emerges as an affordable and ideal choice. Precision-designed to facilitate the beginner's journey, this instrument provides crucial support for studying and progressing through the lower levels of music grade exams.</p>
<p>With its focus on aiding foundational learning, this serves as a practical and budget-friendly solution for students embarking on their tenor saxophone studies, ensuring a reliable and effective instrument for educational purposes.</p>
<p>New Student Model Instrument:<br />Brand New from the Manufacturer<br />Rent to Own at 0% Interest<br />No Obligation to Purchase<br />$1600 in Total Payments if Paid in Full</p>
<p><br />$80 per Month/ 20 Months</p>
<p>Local Service<br />Convenient Repair and Maintenance<br />Rental Payments Applied Toward Purchase<br />No Credit Check</p>
<p> </p>
<p><br />*terms and conditions apply, contact store for more details*<br />Rentals are only for residents of Indiana</p>

This item is not sold online! To purchase please call 765-457-8821.