Promark PW5BW Shira Kashi Oak 5B Wood Tip

<p id="prod_description">The Promark Shira Kashi Classic 5B drumstick combines dense wood with a sturdy feel, adding increased articulation, weight, and durability. Featuring an oval-shaped tip for a bright, clear cymbal tone, the Classic 5B is designed for the heavy hitting rock, pop, or punk player. This drumstick is the perfect choice if you feel the 5A model is too small, or the 2B model is too big.<br /><br />Features:</p><ul class="product-feature-list"><li class="product-feature">Size: 5B</li><li class="product-feature">Length: 15" - 16“</li><li class="product-feature">Taper: Medium</li>
<li class="product-feature">Tip Material: Wood</li>
<li class="product-feature">Finish: Lacquer</li>
<li class="product-feature">Tip Shape: Oval</li>
<li class="product-feature">Type: Drum Set</li>

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