ProMark ATH1 Hickory Shaft Nylon Cookie Head Tenor Mallet

<p><span id="productDescription" class="cms-copy">The ProMark ATH1 tenor mallet provides you with a very articulate sound. This mallet features an aluminum shaft, a soft, textured rubber grip, and a cookie-style nylon tip.</span><a id="toggle-overview-trigger" class="" href="" data-alt-text="Hide"></a></p>
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<li class="">The "cookie" head is great for articulate staccato sounds and also offers a great balanced feeling in the players hand</li>
<li class="">14 1/4" long 1 1/4" Nylon head</li>
<li class="">Nylon head is attached with a process that eliminates vibration and creates optimal response for the player</li>
<li class="">This tenor mallet is very similar to the ATA1, but features a hickory shaft</li>

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