PreSonus ISPD-4 Isolation Pads - Gray

<div class="show-more-box"><div><p>Placing studio monitor speakers directly on a hard surface such as a desk or unpadded stand can result in vibration and surface coupling that affects the sound of your speakers. PreSonus® ISPD-4 isolation pads eliminate this problem by acoustically isolating the speakers from the surface. The pads come in pairs that can be split into four halves, so you can use the entire pad, use half a pad for a small speaker, or separate the two halves and use both for extra width, such as with a horizontally placed speaker.</p></div>
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<h4 class="f-bold f-uppercase p-0 pb-3">FEATURES</h4>
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<li>Provides acoustical isolation for studio monitors</li>
<li>Reduces vibration and surface coupling</li>
<li>Can be divided into two sections to accommodate larger widths</li>
<li>Capable of seven positioning options</li>
<li>Dimensions (WxDxH): 10.4” (265 mm) x 13” (330 mm) x 1.6” (40 mm)</li>

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