John Packer JP041 Eb Alto Saxophone - Lacquer Finish

<p>There are many features on the JP041 that are present on more professional models, a fully ribbed construction and double spine on B &amp; C keys provides additional strength.</p>
<p>An underslung octave mechanism also improves instrument reliability. The instrument also features High F# and Front F keys and a floating plate design for the little finger (left hand) cluster, this aids faster movement once players have become proficient.</p>
<p>An adjustable thumb rest allows a more natural and comfortable hand position to be achieved. A sling ring also provides the opportunity to make the instrument even lighter with the use of a provided sling or harness. <br /><br />Features:</p>
<ul class="prod-spec-spec__list">
<li>Model: JP041</li>
<li>Key: Eb</li>
<li>Material: Brass</li>
<li>Keywork: Gold Lacquer</li>
<li>Mechanism: Full Keywork</li>
<li>Finish: Lacquer</li>
<li>Mouthpiece: JP</li>
<li>Lyre Box: Yes</li>
<li>Instrument Weight: 2.52Kg (5lb 9oz)</li>
<li>Weight with case: 4.8Kg (10lb 10oz)</li>
<li>Box Dimensions: 66.5x22x33cm (26x9x13in)</li>
<li>Boxed weight: 5.44Kg (12lb)</li>

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