Hohner Piedmont Blues Harp Set

<p>This durable 7 slot custom harmonica case includes 7 Piedmont Blues in the keys of A, Bb, D, E, F, and G.  Named after the diverse Piedmont plateau area on the mid-Atlantic to southeastern regions of the United States, Piedmont Blues style was influenced by ragtime, country string bands, traveling medicine shows and popular early 20th century songs.  The Piedmont Blues Style is different from other blues styles by it's up tempo ragtime based rhythms.  <br /><br />Hohner is proud to offer you a FREE 30 day trial subscriptions to Davis Barrett's BluesHarmonica.com with this purchase!  Gain full access to over 3,000 videos lessons, downloadable PDF lesson plans, MP3 study songs, and interviews with today's top players.</p>

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