D'Addario Normal Tension, XT Classical Coated Classical Guitar Strings

<p><span id="productDescription" class="cms-copy">XT are our longest lasting classical strings, combining centuries of D’Addario expertise with modern coating technology. XT Classical features our composite basses, constructed with a long-lasting multifilament core, wrapped with silver-plated copper, and finished with our proprietary XT coating, for bold, projecting tone and extended life span. They’re complimented with our precision Pro-Arte’ nylon treble strings which provide the warm, mellow charm traditionalists love. This Normal Tension set is our best-selling tension, preferred for its balance of rich tone, comfortable feel, and dynamic projection.</span></p>
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<li class="">XT Nickel bass strings feature an advanced corrosion resistance coating, extending string life, while preserving the natural tone and feel of uncoated strings.</li>
<li class="">Nickel-plated steel wrap wire provides a bright, versatile bass tone, great for a variety of musical genres.</li>
<li class="">Fusion Twist technology assures XT Nickel bass guitar strings stay in tune better, while the NY Steel core wire offers greater break strength.</li>
<li class="">XT bass sets have a code on the recyclable, resealable VCI bag, which you can register to earn Players Circle points.</li>
<li class="">Our bass strings are made in the USA—drawn to exacting specifications at our New York production facility.</li>

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