BACH 3513C Classic Series Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C MTPC - Silver Plated Finish

<p>MegaTone® Mouthpieces</p><p>Symphonic and jazz trumpet players have always experimented with ways to create a darker sound by using various mouthpiece add-ons to add weight and mass. The Bach Mega Tone Mouthpiece takes these experiments one step further.</p><p>To create the Mega Tone, Selmer starts with genuine Vincent Bach mouthpiece designs and more than doubles the outside mass. This darkens the sound and allows you to play at higher dynamic levels without distortion. Mega Tone slots extremelywell so pitches center dependably, and a slightly larger throat affords less resistance and greater flexibility. The result is a warmer, more powerful sound that adds a new dimension to concert, pop and jazz playing.</p><div class="page" title="Page 22"><div class="layoutArea">
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<p>Fairly large cup with a full, rich tone. Good for all-around use.</p>

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