Artesia Pro AMC-10 Studio Condenser Microphone

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<div>The Artesia AMC-10 professional cardioid condenser microphone is very quiet and sensitive. The low self­ noise allows you to give your work the dynamics it deserves. This mic can handle the extremes from ultra-sensitive to ultra-loud. The AMC-10 can handle 135dB SPL so you can rest assured that even in front of loud guitar cabinets, your recording won’t distort due to overload. The versatile, durable Artesia AMC-10 is a great choice for all studio applications and an amazingly affordable studio solution.</div>
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<p id="prod_description"><br />Features:</p>
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<li>Acoustic Principle: Externally polarized 1” condenser with gold­ plated membrane</li>
<li>Active Electronics: JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer</li>
<li>Ultra-low noise transformerless circuitry</li>
<li>State-of-the-art surface-mount electronics</li>
<li>Heavy-duty satin-nickel finish</li>
<li>Internal shock mounting system</li>
<li>Gold plated output connectors</li>
<li>True Condenser (externally biased)</li>
<li>Includes table stand, pop shield, XLR cable</li>

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