Roland JUNO-DS88 88-Key Synthesizer

<p>From Roland:</p>
<p>Life in a modern band doesn’t run like clockwork. In the same day, you might be rehearsing, recording and playing live, with each session demanding a whole new musical approach. Some synths will slow you down with their bulky size and uninspired sounds. The Roland JUNO-DS88 sets you free. Wherever your music leads you, this streamlined weighted-action 88-note synth will follow, with compact dimensions, smart operation and a choice of pro onboard sounds for anything from studio work to street performance. The JUNO-DS88 is the ideal instrument for piano-oriented keyboard players.</p>
<ul class="standard-features-list">
<li class="standard-features-list-item">88-note Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with weighted-action feel in a lightweight design that’s easy to transport</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Gig-ready instrument with pro sounds, enhanced performance features, battery-powered operation, and intuitive operation</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Instant access to essential pro-quality sounds for band performance, from acoustic and electric pianos, organs, synths and other stage favorites</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Wave expansion slot enables users to download new sound waveforms, available for free at Roland’s Axial website</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Sample import function for playing user WAV files on the JUNO-DS88’s keyboard</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Easy sound manipulation and editing with hands-on knobs and sliders</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Eight Phrase Pads for triggering samples and audio songs stored on USB memory</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Mic input and dedicated Reverb, Vocoder and Auto Pitch effects for impressive vocal performances</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Intuitive eight-track pattern sequencer with non-stop recording for quickly developing song ideas</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">USB audio/MIDI and DAW Control mode</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">JUNO-DS librarian is available for managing the onboard sounds from your computer</li>

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