Tama Imperialstar IE52C 5-piece Complete Drum Set - Coffee Teak Wrap

<p>Imperialstar complete drum kits provide everything a drummer needs at an affordable price. The Imperialstar line offers various choices of kit configurations and finishes, availability of add-on drums, precisely-processed drum shells and reliable, durable hardware. Imperialstar may appeal to beginner drummers due to the price, but more experienced intermediate players enjoy playing great-sounding Imperialstar kits in every music genre from jazz and R&amp;B to rock.</p>
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<p>IE52C (22" Bass Drum Kit)</p>
<p>Drums: 22" Bass Drum, 10" and 12" Toms, 16" Floor Tom, 14" Snare</p>
<p>Hardware: MTH50 double tom holder, hi-hat stand, single drum pedal, snare stand, boom cymbal stand, straight cymbal stand, drum throne.</p>
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<p class="fw_bold fs_middle">MEINL "HCS" cymbals (14"HH+16"C+20"R) are included.</p>

This item is not sold online! To purchase please call 765-457-8821.