Tama HP910LS Speed Cobra Single Pedal

<p>Lightning fast, total adjustability, and serious power. Fastball Bearing Based on the super accurate bearing used in PC hard drives, ABS systems in automobiles, and so on. This ultra-precise machined technology produces highly accurate revolving movement and high durability in even the toughest environment. LiteSprocket Tama adopted a true round-shaped "LiteSprocket" for a natural feel and smooth action. Compared with Iron Cobra's sprocket, this version decreases its weight by 40%. It revolves naturally and smoothly, providing a lighter feel. Projector Beater Specially designed for Speed Cobra to give the bass drum more sound projection and rich resonance. The convex shaped head focuses the power generated by the beater stroke's action to the smaller surface area. This angle gives you a more focused attack and punchy sonic penetration. Rotate the beater head for larger surface contact and get a fatter sound with extremely powerful volume. Super Spring The newly developed Super Spring needs less momentum in the beginning of pedal action. When the beater rebounds from the bass drum head, you can easily feel a quicker response, and by adjusting the Cobra Coil underneath the footboard you can acquire a smoother feel. Features Fastball Bearing Lite Sprocket Super Spring Projector Beater The essential features of Tama's vaunted Iron Cobra, boiled down and engineered for blinding speed.</p>

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