Roland GO:KEYS 5 61-Note Keyboard - Graphite

<li id="Description"><strong>Description:</strong>Do you have a passion for music? GO KEYS 5 makes it easy to go from being a fan to an active music creator. This fun modern keyboard unlocks a simple new approach to making music, encouraging you to explore sounds and ideas in the moment—no previous experience required. Just power on, push a few buttons, and let your imagination flow. And as your skills develop, deeper features allow you to travel as far as your ambition takes you. With GO:KEYS 5 under your fingers, you have everything you need to turn your musical dreams into reality.</li>
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<ul class="standard-features-list">
<li class="standard-features-list-item">61-note keyboard with expressive touch sensitivity</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">ZEN-Core engine with over 1000 Roland sounds that have influenced modern music for five decades</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Auto-accompaniment with over 200 onboard music styles</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Chord sequencer with user editing features and over 300 ready-to-play presets</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Big, powerful sound with stereo speakers and passive radiator</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Bluetooth audio/MIDI support for music streaming and song creation</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">USB audio/MIDI interface for working with music software on computers and mobile devices</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Microphone input and onboard vocal effects</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Audio inputs and outputs for connecting with other sound devices</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Pedal hold and external control jacks</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">USB memory port for backup and audio file playback</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Dedicated WC-1 adapter port for Roland Cloud Connect</li>

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