Roland E-X50 61-Key Arranger Keyboard - Black

<p>With its stylish design, professional Roland sounds, and integrated speaker system, the E-X50 Arranger Keyboard puts musical inspiration and entertainment at the center of your world. Immerse in reflective moments with rich, responsive acoustic pianos, or liven things up with a full-band sound and automatic accompaniment. There’s also a mic input with effects when you’re ready to sing along, plus onboard Bluetooth® audio to play with favorite tunes streamed from your mobile device.<br /><br />Whether you’re a beginning player, rediscovering music again, or want a versatile, all-in-one keyboard for local performing, the E-X50 has everything you need to bring it all together.</p>
<ul class="standard-features-list">
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Versatile, easy-to-use entertainment keyboard with professional Roland sounds and features</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Attractive design and free-flowing user interface</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Onboard stereo speaker system with independent woofers and tweeters and bass-reflex port for big, powerful sound</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Rich, expressive acoustic pianos derived from Roland home and stage pianos</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Nearly 700 additional tones, including electric pianos, organs, orchestral instruments, percussion, world sounds, and more</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Auto-accompaniment function allows you to control sophisticated music arrangements with left-hand fingering</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">300 onboard music styles, plus the ability to add 30 custom styles with Style Converter software for macOS and Windows</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Recording feature for capturing keyboard and arranger performances</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Bluetooth audio for streaming music from a mobile device through the onboard speaker system</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Mic input with effects for singing along</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Headphones jack for quiet practice</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">Stereo output for connecting to a larger sound system if needed</li>
<li class="standard-features-list-item">USB ports for connecting with computers and flash storage devices</li>

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