On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Boom Mic Stand

<p id="prod_description">Our best selling stand! This Euro Boom boasts a hybrid sheet metal and composite leg housing, making it virtually unbreakable. With a removable boom arm and its ability to fold flat, this stand is a must for every member of the band. Features a zinc mid-point clutch and black finish.<br /><br />Features:</p><ul class="product_bullets PV_oss"><li>Our best selling stand, the MS7701B features a steel-reinforced plastic leg housing which offers less weight and exceptional strength</li><li>Folding legs with plastic endcaps for durability and reduced floor vibrations</li><li>Steel midpoint locking clutch adjusts height from 32" to 61.5"</li>
<li class="extraBullets">30" removable boom arm allows for easy positioning</li>

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