Korg VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer

<p>The human voice is also a type of instrument. Let's begin by tuning it correctly. The quickest path to a beautiful performance is to start being conscious of whether you're singing at the correct pitch.<br /><br />With a vertical layout that's easy to operate when held in the left hand, a five-line musical staff display to show the notes for intuitive pitch checking, and a sound back function that outputs the reference tone closest to the input vocal, this dedicated vocal lesson unit is packed with unique functions.<br /><br />By giving you the confidence that you can sing the correct pitch, the VPT-1 vocal pitch trainer will help take your vocal ability to the next level.</p>
<li>A dedicated pitch trainer for vocals from KORG, the leader in tuners</li>
<li>Five-line staff note display</li>
<li>Three adjustable tuning levels (difficulty)</li>
<li>Sound out function generates a reference tone</li>
<li>Sound back function generates the reference tone that's closest to your vocal input</li>

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