John Packer JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet - Gold Lacquer

<p>The JP159 Pocket Trumpet is an attractive option for beginners, especially younger learners. This instrument is a popular choice in schools across the country, whilst also popular as a novelty instrument or a travel companion for more advanced players.</p>
<p>The smaller size (only 23cm long) and good balance of the JP159 Pocket Trumpet make it very easy to play and carry for young beginners. Small enough to fit comfortably inside a suitcase, the JP159 is also ideal for keeping your practice up whilst away from home. The JP159 features monel piston valves and a bell the same size as a full sized trumpet, ensuring the sound and playability is as similar to standard trumpets as possible. This instrument is available in a variety of colourful finishes.</p>

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