Ibanez AR420VLS Electric Guitar - Violin Sunburst

<ul><li id="Description"><strong>Description:</strong> Anyone who knows their guitar history will tell you: Ibanez spent much of the 1970s in the role of the prodigious student building copies that exceeded the quality of the originals. They'd proven themselves quite capable, but would they ever make their own distinctive contribution to the guitar pantheon? The Artist proved Ibanez was hell-bent on standing shoulder to shoulder with the other brands. The Artist's symmetrical double-cutaway body style was a first in the production guitar world. But Ibanez's biggest leap forward will continue to be appreciated by today's player: the Tri-sound switching system, a unique configuration that opens up the number of tonal possibilities. But no matter what the setting, the Super 58 packs this axe with rich tonal palette. Gorgeous old school pearl/abalone block inlays make for a path back to one of rock's most dynamic chapters.</li><li id="Product Subtype"><strong>Product Subtype:</strong> Electric Guitars</li><li id="Weight"><strong>Weight:</strong> </li><li id="Country of Origin"><strong>Country of Origin:</strong> </li><li id="Neck Material"><strong>Neck Material:</strong> Maple</li>
<li id="Fingerboard Material"><strong>Fingerboard Material:</strong> Jatoba</li>
<li id="Body Material"><strong>Body Material:</strong> Okoume</li>
<li id="Bridge"><strong>Bridge:</strong> ART-1 bridge</li>
<li id="Hardware Finish"><strong>Hardware Finish:</strong> Gold</li>
<li id="Bridge Pickup"><strong>Bridge Pickup:</strong> Super 58 (H) bridge pickup</li>
<li id="Neck Pickup"><strong>Neck Pickup:</strong> Super 58 (H) neck pickup</li>
<li id="Case Bag"><strong>Case Bag:</strong> Not Included</li></ul>

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