Hosa Sidekick Passive Direct Box DIB-443

<p id="prod_description">Use the Sidekick to “go direct” for a pure, clean, noise-free tone that is perfect for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) or throw the INST/LINE switch to LINE position to allow your amp to drive the line for a natural, overdriven tone. Either way, it’s your sound—all of it! The Sidekick Passive DI Box by Hosa Technology makes it easy to connect your guitar, bass, or keyboard directly to a mixing console! It features an isolation transformer that transforms an instrument-level signal to a line-level signal.<br /><br />It works with each of the following:</p>
<li>Electric guitars, basses, and keyboards</li>
<li>Pedal effects and effects processors</li>
<li>Any electronic musical instrument with a mono phone output</li>

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