Hercules Multi-Microphone Mount DG137B

<p>The Hercules DG137B is a multi-mount for microphones and devices designed with various mounting options. It is a safe and robust solution for micing drums, cymbals, and other acoustic/electric instruments. This mount is great for recording and live performance settings and removes the need for a traditional mic stand. While designed for microphones, it can be also used to mount cameras in conjunction with adding a threaded camera adaptor. Its flexible design allows it to be mounted in a variety of ways, ensuring usefulness and compatibility in any setup.<br /><br /></p>
<li>Fits microphones and other devices.</li>
<li>360-degree ball-joint angle adjustment.</li>
<li>Fully-covered one-piece clamp fits 15.8 mm - 25.4 mm (0.62 - 1”) round tubes and 19 mm (0.75”) square tubes..</li>

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