Gruv FretWraps Wood Guitar String Muters/Dampeners 1-Pack - Large “Ebony”

<p>FretWraps is a professional string dampener/muting accessory that every studio, session player, and tapping aficionado should have! Slide on a FretWrap to effectively cut overtones and sympathetic resonance during recording, live performance, two-hand tapping, or any creative situation where you need that extra muting hand for cleaner takes without the unwanted string noise or ringing.</p>
<p>The adjustable strap lets you fine-tune the pressure and dampening of the strings. Quickly slides over the headstock when not in use. No special guitar modification, installation, or tools required – Yet amazingly effective!</p>
<p>• Perform and record clean lines without unwanted string noise<br />• Easy to use, no tools or special installation required<br />• Works for guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments</p>

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