Gator Cases Guitar Fret Mute 1 Pack Black – Medium

<p>The Fret Mute by Gator Cases is the guitar-tapping wizard’s new favorite tool. String mutes deliver what precision players crave – a solution for killing that notorious buzzing and ringing often encountered when employing advanced playing techniques, like two-handed finger tapping and similar approaches. As if lending you an extra hand to mute the open strings, the Fret Mute suppresses overtones and sympathetic resonance to keep your recordings and live performances sounding as clean as possible. Even the tiniest presence of unwanted fret noise can ruin an otherwise flawless take. The Fret Mute keeps you focused more on the playing and less on the worry.</p><p>Attach the Fret Mute by wrapping it directly over the fretboard at any position on the neck or move it at or just above the nut. The stretchy fabric and hook-and-loop strap allow you to set and lock the preferred amount of dampening, giving you total control over placement and pressure. The Fret Mutes come in four different sizes and will fit an array of neck widths, from 4-string basses and 6-string electrics to 12-string basses and oversized stringed instruments.</p>

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