French Horn Rent to Own (French Horn per Month: New)

<p>This Bb/F compensating French Horn is designed with younger musicians and first-time players in mind. It offers a lighter weight compared to traditional French horns and provides access to both the Bb and F sides of the instrument. This design allows players to explore different tonalities and gain experience with the unique characteristics of each side. The compensating feature ensures accurate intonation across the range of the instrument, making it suitable for developing players who are still refining their technique.</p>
<p>New Student Model Instrument:<br />Brand New from the Manufacturer<br />Rent to Own at 0% Interest<br />No Obligation to Purchase<br />$1800 in Total Payments if Paid in Full</p>
<p><br />$75.00 per Month/ 24 Months</p>
<p>Local Service<br />Convenient Repair and Maintenance<br />Rental Payments Applied Toward Purchase<br />No Credit Check</p>
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<p><br />*terms and conditions apply, contact store for more details*<br />Rentals are only for residents of Indiana</p>
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This item is not sold online! To purchase please call 765-457-8821.