Fender ShawBucker 2 Pickup - Zebra

<header></header><div class="show-more-box"><div><p>Designed by acclaimed humbucking pickup guru Tim Shaw, the ShawBucker™ pickup is, in his words, "a new take on an old perception." The ShawBucker retains clarity and impressive note definition while remaining resistant to 60-cycle hum and other extraneous noise. Full of multi-dimensional tone with well-defined overtones, this open-coil pickup complements and balances your guitar's natural voice while playing well with other pickup designs.</p>
<p>We recommend using the ShawBucker 1 in either position in a HH configuration or as the bridge pickup in a HSS configuration since it blends well with single-coil pickups. The ShawBucker 2 has a slightly hotter output than the Shawbucker 1 and is recommended for use in the bridge position in a HH configuration.</p>
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<h4 class="f-bold f-uppercase p-0 pb-3">FEATURES</h4>
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<li>Designed by pickup guru Tim Shaw</li>
<li>Low-output pickup with beefy tone</li>
<li>Alnico II magnets for sweet, musical sound</li>
<li>Enamel-coated magnet wire for vintage-style tone</li>
<li>Requires 500kΩ potentiometer</li>
<li>Installation hardware included</li>

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