Faber Piano Adventures Primer Level Technique & Artistry

<p>The 2nd Edition of this ground-breaking book combines two essential elements of pianism: technical skill and artistic performance. “Technique Secrets” open the book, followed by engaging technical exercises. An “Artistry Magic” piece at the end of each unit promotes expressive, pianistic playing at the earliest level.<br /><br />Song List:</p><ul style="list-style-type: disc;"><li>A Special Ending for Alouette</li><li>All the Stars are Shining</li><li>Basketball Dribble (for LH alone)</li>
<li>Basketball Dribble (for RH alone)</li>
<li>Canoeing Upstream</li>
<li>Catch Me If You Can!</li>
<li>Drummer with the Dance Band</li>
<li>Finger Hops (for RH alone)</li>
<li>Firming Up My Fingers (for LH)</li>
<li>Firming Up My Fingers (for RH)</li>
<li>Going to the North Pole (for RH alone)</li>
<li>Going to the South Pole (for LH alone)</li>
<li>Leading the Parade</li>
<li>Merrily I Move Down (for LH alone)</li>
<li>Merrily I Move Up (for RH alone)</li>
<li>Our Team Scores Again!</li>
<li>Peaceful Sunset</li>
<li>Pilot in the Clouds</li>
<li>Skipping with Checkers (for LH)</li>
<li>Skipping with Checkers (for RH)</li>
<li>The Great Cookie Chase</li>
<li>The Left Handed Cookie Cutter</li>
<li>Walking the Thumb</li>
<li>We Won the Game Today!</li>
<li>What the Queen told the Kind and What He Said After What She Said</li>
<li>Wheels Going 'Round </li>

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