Electro-Harmonix Nano Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay

<p>The Nano Deluxe Memory Man delivers EHX’s signature analog delay, chorus and vibrato plus some updates we’ve added including both Rate and Depth knobs for enhanced modulation control. It features a maximum delay time of 550mS, an internal user-accessible switch to turn delay tails on or off, true bypass switching when the tails feature is off and it comes equipped with a standard 9Volt power supply. For over 44 years the Deluxe Memory Man has been the gold standard for analog delay and modulation. Now it’s available in an ultra-compact package!<br /><br />Quick Specs<br />-Adjustable delay times from 30mS up to 550mS set by the Delay control<br />-Full control over the number of echo repeats right up to runaway oscillation with the Feedback knob<br />-Adjustable input gain via the Level knob<br />-An overload LED which lights when the signal going into the analog delay block is too hot<br />-Wet/Dry mix control over the dry and delayed signals via the Blend knob<br />-Depth knob which sets the amount of modulation that’s added to the delay to produce vibrato and chorus type effects<br />-Rate controls the modulation speed<br />-Tails Switch that sets whether the echoes decay naturally when the pedal is switched to bypass or if they are instantly muted<br />-Pedalboard friendly, compact, rugged enclosure<br />-Comes equipped with an Electro-Harmonix 9Volt power supply</p>

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