Fender Transition Logo Tee, Black - L

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<p>Whether you're a fan of classic rock, vintage logos from the past, or iconic brands, the Transition logo tee is a fun way to show off your personal style and pay homage to Fender's iconic brand. Once you put on your new Fender® Transition logo tee you will never want to take it off. Soft-spun cotton and extremely comfortable, you will be ready for those long studio sessions or extended road trips.</p>
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<h4 class="f-bold f-uppercase p-0 pb-3">FEATURES</h4>
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<li>T-shirt with small transition screen- printed logo</li>
<li>100% cotton</li>
<li>Machine wash cold</li>
<li>Tumble dry low</li>
<li>Do not iron</li>
<li>Do not bleach</li>

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