Boss VE-22 Vocal Effects and Looper Pedal

<p>Take charge of your vocal sound with the VE-22, a portable multi-effects toolbox specially designed for singers. Perform with a diverse library of high-quality BOSS processing, from basic studio enhancement to dramatic voice-changing effects. Expand your range with real-time harmonies. And get creative with the free-flowing interface and versatile features for practice, recording, and online streaming. With the VE-22 in your chain, you’re primed and ready to deliver memorable, high-impact vocal performances everywhere you sing.</p>
<ul class="p-main-features__list">
<li>Advanced multi-effects processor with a versatile range of sound processing tools for vocalists</li>
<li>Enhance your sound with essential effects like compressor, EQ, delay, echo, reverb, and more</li>
<li>Create processed sounds with lo-fi, distortion, radio, ring mod, and other specialty effects</li>
<li>Automatic pitch correction for soft fine-tuning or aggressive electronic tones</li>
<li>Harmony and doubling functions for creating impressive ensemble vocal sounds</li>
<li>Dial in great sounds quickly with the intuitive interface</li>
<li>High-visibility color LCD and multi-function knobs for fast parameter access</li>
<li>50 ready-to-go pro presets and 99 memories for storing your own setups</li>
<li>XLR mic input with phantom power and mic sensitivity control</li>
<li>Two XLR outputs that can be configured for stereo, dual mono, or wet/dry mix + dry operation</li>
<li>USB-C® for recording and audio playback via a computer or mobile device*</li>
<li>Aux input for singing along with favorite songs and backing tracks</li>
<li>Onboard looper for practice, performance, and developing ideas</li>
<li>Three customizable switches with large surfaces designed for foot or hand operation</li>
<li>Jack for an expression pedal or up to two external footswitches</li>
<li>Powered via four AA batteries or an optional AC adaptor</li>

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