BOSS Katana 500 Bass Head

<p>The Katana-500 Bass Head raises professional bass amplification to the next level with advanced BOSS technology. Refined preamp circuity and the newly developed 500-watt Class D power amp support your touch and technique with deeply expressive tones. And with the innovative Cab Resonance feature, you can quickly calibrate the amplifier’s output voice to achieve the ideal response with any speaker cabinet. You also get a wide range of premium tools to shape your personal sound, plus expansive connectivity for every playing situation. Features:</p>
<li>Compact 500-watt bass amplifier head with professional tone tools for serious players</li>
<li>Next-level performance with a newly developed Class D power amp and innovative Cab Resonance calibration</li>
<li>Enhance the core bass sound for different styles with two Amp Feel settings<br />Wide-ranging four-band EQ, including low-mid and high-mid controls with three adjustable frequency settings</li>
<li>Compressor and drive controls, each with three selectable types</li>
<li>Shape switch with mid-scoop, bright, and wide-range options</li>
<li>Bottom knob to tighten the sound and eliminate sub-bass rumble</li>
<li>Hi Cut button with three selectable frequencies</li>
<li>Blend knob to mix in the dry bass sound</li>
<li>Pad switch to optimize the input for high-output active pickups</li>
<li>Onboard memory for saving and recalling a custom setup with a touch</li>
<li>Two high-current speaker outputs with robust locking connectors</li>
<li>XLR line output and headphones/recording jack</li>
<li>Edit tones and access over 60 effects with BOSS Tone Studio for Windows/macOS</li>
<li>USB connector for communicating with BOSS Tone Studio and audio recording/playback with music production software</li>
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