Tama STDC7 Sizzle Touch Drop Clutch

<p>When playing double bass, the hi-hat cymbals can be closed by hitting the lever on the drop clutch.<br />While in the dropped position, TAMA's Sizzle Touch Drop Clutch allows you to adjust the gap between the top and bottom cymbals, allowing for fine adjustments to achieve the desired open sound. To resume normal hi-hat function, push down on the footboard of the hi-hat stand to secure the clutch back into place as a standard clutch.</p>
<li>With just one touch, the Quick-Set Clutch can be attached or removed - simply push the button on the side of the clutch. The clutch also allows the top hi-hat cymbal to float more freely, maximizing the natural resonance of the cymbals.</li>
<li>By turning the adjusting bolt (H) clockwise, the top cymbal moves upwards, widening the gap between the bottom cymbal. To resume normal hi-hat function, lock the clutch in place by pushing down on the footboard of the hi-hat stand.</li>

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