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French Horn




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Antigua Vosi Bb Trumpet Outfit


Antoine Courtois AC103T 100 Series Trombone


Bach 3517E 7E Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece


Bach AE190S Silver Trumpet


Bach AP190S Piccolo Trumpet


Bach Aristocrat Model TB600 Trombone


Bach Model 18037 Trumpet


Bach Model 180S37 Silver Trumpet


Bach Model A47I Artisan Trombone


Bach Model TB301 Trombone


Bach Model TR200 Trumpet


Bach Model TR200S Silver Trumpet


Bach Model TR300H2 Trumpet


Bach Model TR300H2S Silver Trumpet


Bach Model TR500 Aristocrat Trumpet


Bach Model TR500S Silver Trumpet


Conn Model 88H Trombone


Holton Model B470R Tuba


Holton Model B490R Euphonium


Holton Model BB450 3/4 Tuba


Holton Model H181 Double French Horn


King Model 2B Trombone


Levante LV-H4525 F/Bb Double French Horn w/ Light Case


Levante TR4205 Bb Trumpet


Levante TR6301 Silver Bb Trumpet w/ Case


Levante TR6305 Bb Trumpet


Selmer Prelude Model PT711B Pocket Trumpet


Selmer Prelude Student - Model TR711 Bb Trumpet


Selmer Prelude Student Trombone TB711


Stagg TB245 Bb Tenor Trombone


Used Accent HR781 Double French Horn w/ Case and Mouthpiece


Used Holton T602 Trumpet w/ Wooden Hard Case


Used Selmer Bach ML Trumpet w/ Case


Used Yamaha YTR2320 Trumpet w/ Case