Roland MV-1 Verselab Production Controller

<p id="prod_description">When inspiration strikes, VERSELAB helps you capture, refine, and finish your ideas. The fluid, hands-on workflow simplifies music making with modern vocal recording, pattern generators, thousands of ZEN-Core sounds, mastering effects, and more. Plug-and-play integration with Roland’s Zenbeats app expands your production capabilities using your computer or mobile device.<br /><br />Features:</p><ul class="introduction-list"><li>Finish complete songs with inspiring hands-on workflow</li><li>Record vocals with modern effects like Auto-Pitch, Harmonizer, and Doubler</li><li>Curated collection of over 3000 sounds for modern styles from the makers of the TR-808</li>
<li>4x4 pads and TR-REC step sequencer for drums, basslines, and melodic parts</li>
<li>Songwriting tools and generators get you started and keep you flowing</li>
<li>Interface with your smartphone, tablet, or computer for easy file transfer</li>
<li>Plug-and-play integration with Roland Zenbeats app expands your production capabilities</li>
<li>High-quality mixing and mastering effects for pro results</li>
<li>Make music on the move with power via a mobile battery or USB</li>
<li>Built-in mic and XLR mic input with phantom power</li>
<li>Stereo ¼-inch I/O, dual headphones jacks, and MIDI I/O</li>

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