Jackson High Performance Cable, Black and Red - 10.93'

<div class="show-more-box"><div><p>Sinister tone for serious players! Designed with the high-performance player in mind, Jackson® cables offer durable 24K gold-plated jacks, heavy duty shielding and 8mm OD wire. This cable features one straight plug and one right-angle plug for even the most difficult to reach jacks on your axe. The 8mm copper wire provides exceptional signal delivery to your amplifier or pedal board. Heavy duty shielding keeps unwanted noise out of your signal chain.</p></div>
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<p>Available in 10.93 FT (3.33M) and 21.85 FT (6.66M)</p>
<p>Custom Jackson® logo jacks</p>
<p>8mm outer diameter 20 AWG</p>
<p>24K gold-plated connectors</p>

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