Hal Leonard Pianist's Guide to Scales Over Chords W/Online Audio

<p>Quick -- how many scales do you know? If you answered several, you're not alone. Lots of piano players know several scales, but how many really know what to do with them? With <i>Pianist's Guide to Scales Over Chords</i>, you'll learn how to apply the most used scales in a musical manner. We'll examine how scales and chords are closely linked and how this relationship is key to crafting memorable, intelligent solos. If you're stuck in a pentatonic rut or find yourself always coming back to the same old patterns, this book is for you. The online audio contains 178 tracks, including 15 extended backing tracks for practice! You'll learn: Diatonic Harmony Theory (intervals, scales, chord construction, etc.); Major and Minor Scale Applications; Inversions and Slash Chords; Seventh Chords and Extended Harmony; Modes (construction and applications); Playing over a Standard (Dominant) and Minor 12-Bar Blues; Non-diatonic Harmony and Modal Progressions. 14 scales are covered: Major Scale (Ionian) • Major Pentatonic • Minor Scale (Aeolian) • Minor Pentatonic • Dorian • Phrygian • Lydian • Mixolydian • Locrian • Blues Scale • Harmonic Minor • Melodic Minor • Lydian Dominant • Super Locrian.</p>

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