Tama HH905RH Iron Cobra Remote Hi-Hat Stand

<p>As music has progressed, drummers have often gone from being just timekeepers to contributing more broadly to musical expression. This has led drummers to explore more flexible and creative setups enabling greater artistic freedom on the drum kit. One particular limited component of the drumset has been the traditional hi-hat stand. In response, we are proud to release a new Remote Hi-Hat which eliminates the physical limitations of the standard hi-hat stand and allows for ultra-flexible hi-hat positioning, for any setup.<br /><br />Our goal with this new Remote Hi-Hat was to create the smoothest action and precision possible, to go toe-to-toe with high-end traditional hi-hat stands. Accomplishing this is difficult for a number of reasons, including that for most drum setups, the cable needs to bend. After much research and development, we were able to achieve our ambitions by partnering with JAGWIRE™, a company that develops brake cables for the world's best mountain bikes.<br />The new Remote Hi-Hat offers virtually unlimited setup flexibility for hi-hat positioning, with hardly any sacrifice in feel or response. We hope this freedom in positioning will allow drummers to continue exploring new sonic ground and further push the boundaries of music.</p>
<p>•JAGWIRE™ Triple-Layered Ultra-Smooth Cable<br />•Cable Length : 2,300mm (Shorter 1,200mm cable is available separately)<br />•Lever Glide<br />•Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch<br />•MC66 Universal Clamp<br />•Ratchet Arm (Φ12mm, Arm Length: 200mm)<br />•Dual Leg<br />•6-way Tension Adjustment<br />•Cable Holders (x 6)<br />•Carrying Bag<br />•Weight: 8.1kg (17lbs)</p>

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